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Arlene & Allison Kabes - Vein Clinic PA Review

The laser treatments changed our lives. Thank you Vein Clinic PA!
Arlene & Allison Kabes

video arlene-allisonallisonVaricose veins are often hereditary. Such is the case with these mother and daughter VCPA patients. Having spent nearly 30 years in the banking industry, Arlene often stood for 6-8 hours each day. Despite aching legs she put off treatment for nearly 30 years. Until just recently after her daughter Allison was so pleased with her treatments and immediate results. Allison encouraged Arlene to schedule the procedure at Vein Clinic PA.

I couldn’t sleep at night or even rest on the couch because my legs were restless, but still extremely tired, says Arlene. Now, thanks to the laser treatments, I am able to sleep and have regained my energy and very active lifestyle.

Both Allison and Arlene are "very, very happy" with the laser treatments and the entire VCPA team.

The doctors, nurses and entire VCPA team are like family! We felt welcome, comfortable and were given the utmost respect before, during and after our visits.

Allison Kabes - Vein Clinic PA Review

I feel like a whole new person. Thank you Vein Clinic PA for changing my life.
Allison Kabes

cynthiaallisonAllison is a dental hygenist who is on her feet seeing patients throughout the day. She also likes to be very active and enjoys lots of outdoor activities.

Before my treatments, I felt like my legs were normal. It was one day when I was running the Twin Cities 10 Mile, I looked down and exclaimed 'Oh, what's that on my leg?'. So I was talking to some patients at the office and they said 'why don't you go to Vein Clinic PA?'

I had met with [a M.D.] and she explained everything. It helped me relax and understand that it's not a surgery – it's something that I can come in a go as I please. As an active person, I did not want to be laid up. So it was very easy. I got to do it over my lunch break.

Now I don't feel like my legs are weighing a hundred pounds. I can move around at night, I don't wake up, my legs don't move. I don't have crazy legs anymore. The one lump that I had is gone.

Doug Anquist - Vein Clinic PA Review

I recommend Vein Clinic PA for anyone who has leg discomfort.
Doug Anquist

dougdougBefore the treatment, I was experiencing very tired legs. I was very concerned about muscles in my legs, and as I tried to build these muscles, I was experiencing a lot of cramping and discomfort in the legs.

The past history of how they were handling varicose veins is not like it is being done today with the laser. I was able to walk out of the office, do my daily chores and activities without any reservations whatsoever.

I think anybody that is experiencing any discomfort in their legs should at least check it out. I would highly recommend it, and actually, if anyone wanted to talk to me, they could!


Connie Gable - Vein Clinic PA Review

I had vein stripping 15 years ago and did not want to go through that again.
Connie Gable

connieconnie 250I am a nurse and I work on my feet for more than 8 hours per day. I really enjoy biking and walking and used to do it every day after work. Due to pressure and heaviness, I would come home and feel like I had to put my legs up. I just wasn't able to do the things I enjoy any more.

About 15 years ago I had vein stripping and I did not want to go through that again. I decided that this [laser treatment] would be a much better way to solve the pain I was having, without any downtime.

Why do we have to live with this when there's something out there that can help us feel so much better?

How Vein Clinic PA is different: They explained everything to me so I knew exactly what was going to happen. They were really interested in seeing how things were going for me, so I felt very comfortable.

Cy Kerber - Vein Clinic PA Review

Now I can enjoy fishing again!
Cy Kerber

cycykerber 250Worst Symptoms: Swelling in the legs, numb toes, heaviness. Because of the pain in my legs, I couldn't do my construction job as well as I used to.

Treatment Experience: Professional staff all the way. They told me everything they were going to do.

Comments on Clinic Staff:

  • Doctors: Informative, calm, professional.
  • Phlebology Techs: Great personalities, nice.
  • Front Office Personnel: Friendly.

Results: I am walking like I used to, without the pain. My night's sleep is longer, and no more legs moving all around.


Deysi Johncox - Vein Clinic PA Review

Now I can enjoy activities with my son without the fear of pain.
Deysi Johncox

deysideysiDeysi and her husband own a small office cleaning company, where she's responsible for training employees. She spends most of her workday on her feet, working with her team. She experienced severe restlessness in her legs at night, which interfered with her sleep. Lack of sleep, combined with pain and heaviness, meant she couldn't work a full day anymore; she would work for 4-5 hours and then go home to rest.

Deysi thought her spider veins were a normal part of aging. Her doctor couldn't find anything wrong so he recommended she have her veins looked at. After a free consultation, and a mapping, she learned that varicose veins were causing her problems, even though they weren't visible on the surface.

Within a few days of her first treatments, she was sleeping through the night for the first time in years. Now she has more energy, is happier all around, and can enjoy outdoor activities with her son without the fear of pain.

Dustin Ardolf - Vein Clinic PA Review

Now I can golf with my friends, without leg pain.
Dustin Ardolf

dustin ardolfdustin 250I started experiencing symptoms when I was 21 or 22 years old. My rigorous training in the US Marine Corps Infantry took its toll on my legs. As my symptoms progressed, I started doing research and even went to a couple clinics. They didn't seem too interested in helping me, and vein stripping was all they offered, which didn't appeal to me much.

When I came to Vein Clinic PA, I noticed the difference immediately. Dr. Gupta taught me things I didn't know about my vein problems and the newest treatments. I got my laser treatments, and went back to my normal activities right away.

Now, I can lift weights, play sports, and go to the beach with my friends with no problems. I'm looking forward to going back to infantry duty in California, and being able to do my training hikes and workouts without problems.

Julie Karnes - Vein Clinic PA Review

Now I have the energy to enjoy my busy life again.
Julie Karnes

juliejulieJulie's leg pain used to keep her from fully enjoying her active, busy lifestyle. After her treatments, she can now get the full enjoyment from her home re-decorating business, coaching basketball, and other activities with her family.

She has even regained the energy to get back into working out, and is enjoying ongoing weight loss. Her story shows how curing leg pain can change your whole life.


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Everett Hanson - Vein Clinic PA Review

I don't worry about pain anymore. I can dance all night long.
Everett Hanson

everetteverettWorst Symptoms: Severe pain in my left leg – especially the last 2-3 hours each day at work.

Treatment Experience: Excellent – all my pain was gone on my left leg immediately after the treatment.

Comments on Clinic Staff:

  • Doctors: Excellent.
  • Nurse Practitioners: Excellent.
  • Phlebology Techs: Excellent.
  • Front Office Personnel: Excellent.
  • Billing Staff: Excellent.

Results: Pain-Free, easier to work, sleep better, more energy. [Legs look] much, much better and they feel good!

How Vein Clinic PA is different: Dr. Gupta and the entire staff are all very friendly, explain all procedures, and they make it interesting and fun to come see them and have almost pain free treatments.


Cynthia Wilson - Vein Clinic PA Review

The bulging was gone instantly!
Cynthia Wilson

cynthiacynthia 250Worst Symptoms: I used to hate to wear shorts and skirts. My veins were extremely large and unsightly. A child asked me if I had mosquito bites on my legs, and I had to tell him I just had bad veins.

Results: I was able to have my procedure done on my lunch break, and return to work immediately. When my procedure was finished, the bulging veins in my legs were gone instantly. I am looking forward to wearing shorts again without being embarrassed.


Janet Vierling - Vein Clinic PA Review

I began to feel relief almost immediately.
Janet Vierling

janetjanet 250I am a hairdresser. I am sometimes on my feet for 10-12 hours per day. The pain became so severe that I wanted to cut my leg off.

After my treatment, I began to feel relief almost immediately. 6 weeks after treatment, I was able to achieve my goal: take a 10-day trip to Disneyland with my grandchildren.


Shane Goldsmith - Vein Clinic PA Review

The procedure was so simple!
Shane Goldsmith

shane 250I've had trouble with my legs for about 15 years. My condition got worse in the last couple of years and bulging veins appeared on the front of my legs. I have to travel for long hours in the car for my job as a salesman, and my legs would become numb and uncomfortable on long trips.

The treatment procedure was so simple, with so little pain, I hardly knew Dr. Gupta was doing anything. Within a week after my treatment, my bulging veins were less unsightly and I could ride in the car longer without leg numbness.


Barbara Hoppe - Vein Clinic PA Review

Thank God for Dr. Sam and the girls!
Barbara Hoppe

barbaraWorst Symptoms: Extreme pain, swelling, inflammation, itching & burning in both legs, ankles, and feet. I couldn't do my housework, swimming, walking, fitness center, etc. I was very depressed from the pain.

Treatment Experience: My treatment was totally pain-free during and after each procedure. My first treatment left a black and blue area, which cleared up completely in ten days.

Previous Treatments: Other doctors thought I had cellulitis and gave me antibiotics, which didn't help my symptoms and gave me many side-effects.

Comments on Clinic Staff:

  • Doctors: Dr. Sam was really super!! He explained everything in a language that I could easily understand.
  • Phlebology Techs: All the girls were friendly, competent, caring, loving, helpful, etc.

Results: I do housework more easily, have more energy and sleep better. No naps during the day!

How Vein Clinic PA is different: Other medical professionals used medical language I couldn't understand. Dr. Gupta explained everything in a language that I could easily understand.


Lowell - Vein Clinic PA Review

Today my legs are completely healed.

lowell-2012 07 16

Our patient, Lowell, sent us this nice letter after his treatments:

(Click to view actual letter)

For about ten years I suffered with leg cramps and red, weeping legs. It was painful and needed dressing twice a day at least. My primary care physician finally told me that there was nothing he could do to help me as it was poor circulation. He sent me to a wound nurse and she helped me some but there was no cure. I was told to lay on my back with my feet propped up higher than my heart. One day on our trip to Brainerd/Baxter I saw a sign saying Vein Clinic [PA]. I asked the wound nurse if she had heard of it and if it would help. She said, 'Let's call and find out.' We got an appointment on November 8, 2011 and was told, 'yes, we can help you.'

I have had 6 laser treatment[s] by Dr. Gupta and several injections (USGS) by Nurse Practitioners and today my legs are completely healed with no more leg cramps and color is returning to normal. I am very happy with the results and wish to thank Dr. Gupta, Dr. Guthrie and other staff we have dealt with: Liz, Tammy, Anne, Jen, Kim, Jill and Missy. All have been super nice in trying to help my condition.

I am very happy with the results and highly recommend the Vein Clinic [PA].

lowell-beforeBefore lowell-afterAfter



Barbara D - Vein Clinic PA Review

I'm sleeping at night and that's very important.
Barbara D.

barbaradWorst Symptoms: At night I would have a lot of cramps and I couldn't sleep at all because my legs would hurt. I also had fatigue and bleeding veins.

Treatment Experience: I love going there. All the ladies there have the utmost respect, and they are friendly. I'm going to be sad when my treatments are over and I won't see them as often.

Previous Treatments: Other doctors thought I had cellulitis and gave me antibiotics, which didn't help my symptoms and gave me many side-effects.

Results: Since I've gone to Vein Clinic PA, my legs feel so much better. I don't have the cramps anymore and I'm able to walk with my dog a lot longer.

How Vein Clinic PA is different: At Vein Clinic PA, when I walk in the door, they know exactly who I am and it feels good to know that someone actually knows you. They're like family.

Bonnie R - Vein Clinic PA Review

My legs look and feel better already.
Bonnie R.

bonnieWorst Symptoms: Veins popping and bleeding, swollen legs. I was always afraid of bumping my legs at work, would another vein pop? Very afraid to shave my legs. In the past few years, I've had veins pop 5 times in my left leg, very scary experiences!

Treatment Experience: I have had 4 EVLA treatments from Feb 13-27. In this short time, I could already see a huge improvement in my legs, VERY happy with the outcome!

Comments on Clinic Staff:

The best! They all work as a team which is awesome.

  • Doctors: His work is amazing, the best doctor I've ever met.
  • Phlebology Techs: Great girls... Kind, caring, fun people.
  • Front Office Personnel: Very friendly, helpful, welcoming people.

Results: My legs look and feel better already, I am no longer afraid to shave my legs, I no longer have fear of more veins popping.

How Vein Clinic PA is different: Everybody is friendly, the treatments are done right there at the clinic, I didn't have to go to a hospital.


Jan Hansen - Vein Clinic PA Review

I can sleep soundly for the first time in years.
Jan Hansen

jan 250Worst Symptoms: Restless legs. When I was on my legs for any length of time, I had a lot of discomfort.

Jan had trouble with restless legs during the night, which had been disrupting her sleep for years. She had tried several supplements, but couldn't find reliable relief. She had been to our clinic for spider vein treatment, and decided to come in for a consultation. Now that she's received treatment, Jan can sleep soundly for the first time in years.

We spoke with Jan on the phone after her treatment. Click below to hear what she has to say.

Joann - Vein Clinic PA Review

My legs do not tire like they used to… at the end of the day my legs feel great.

joanne 250Worst Symptoms: Painful areas with varicose veins, tires legs at night, difficulty standing.

Joann experienced tired legs at night and difficulty standing for her job, but after the laser treatments her legs feel fabulous. She used to only be able to make it to the health club a few times a month, but now she goes 15-20 times a month.

We spoke with Joann on the phone after her treatment. Click below to hear what she has to say.

Leora L - Vein Clinic PA Review

They were wonderful. They explained everything.
Leora L.

Worst Symptoms: My legs seemed to swell up. I was in a lot of pain.

Leora had undergone vein stripping in the hospital years ago, and was experiencing painful cellulitis, which was limiting her sleep and keeping her from enjoying her retirement. She had gone to urgent care and the ER, but they were unable to diagnose or treat her leg pain. Then, she came to Vein Clinic PA.

After performing an ultrasound, we were able to diagnose and treat her varicose veins, and relieve her swelling and pain. Now, her legs feel better, she can sleep well, and get back enjoying her retirement.

We spoke with Leora on the phone after her treatment. Click below to hear what she has to say.

Noni G - Vein Clinic PA Review

When I went there they were so informative. The staff was wonderful.
Noni G.

Treatment Experience: They were so informative. The staff was wonderful: showed me pictures, showed me everything, gave me a video so I knew what was involved.

Noni believes that no one should be apprehensive about getting the vein treatment they need because Vein Clinic PA does such a good job at explaining every step of the procedure.

We spoke with Noni on the phone after her treatment. Click below to hear what she has to say.

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