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Dustin Ardolf - Vein Clinic PA Review

Now I can golf with my friends, without leg pain.
Dustin Ardolf

dustin ardolfdustin 250I started experiencing symptoms when I was 21 or 22 years old. My rigorous training in the US Marine Corps Infantry took its toll on my legs. As my symptoms progressed, I started doing research and even went to a couple clinics. They didn't seem too interested in helping me, and vein stripping was all they offered, which didn't appeal to me much.

When I came to Vein Clinic PA, I noticed the difference immediately. Dr. Gupta taught me things I didn't know about my vein problems and the newest treatments. I got my laser treatments, and went back to my normal activities right away.

Now, I can lift weights, play sports, and go to the beach with my friends with no problems. I'm looking forward to going back to infantry duty in California, and being able to do my training hikes and workouts without problems.

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