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The C.E.A.P* Classification for venous disease categorizes patients into classes (1-6) based on severity of their vein problems. Alsara Clinic has treated thousands of patients across all categories of venous disease. The images presented in the gallery are actual patients of Alsara Clinic. However, individual results may vary, as each patient case is unique.

*C=Clinical, E=Etiologic, A=Anatomic, P=Pathophysiologic

20 beforeCEAP Class 1

Surface Veins

Telangiectasias ("spider") venulectasia, reticular "feeder" veins.

See before and after

4 beforeCEAP Class 2

Varicose Veins only


See before and after

13 beforeCEAP Class 3

Ankle edema (swelling in ankle/legs)


See before and after

6 beforeCEAP Class 4

Skin pigmentation (stasis dermatitis, lipodermatosclerosis)


See before and after

14 beforeCEAP Class 5

Venous ulcer (in past/recent but healed)


See before and after

9 beforeCEAP Class 6

Active (open) ulcer


See before and after


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