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Spider Veins

spider vein treatment

What are Spider Veins?

Also known as Telangiectasia, these smaller versions of varicose veins usually appear on the skin's surface as small, red to purple blood vessels. These unsightly veins are more commonly referred to as "spider veins" since they resemble a spider's web.

Are Spider Veins Dangerous?

Spider veins by themselves rarely pose a medical problem, although they can cause localized pain, itching, and burning for many people. However, spider veins are frequently a sign of problems in the larger veins below the skin surface. Your Phlebologist may recommend a diagnostic ultrasound scan to test for underlying problems. The treatment of spider veins is much more successful if the underlying varicose veins are corrected first.

Spider Vein Treatment

Alsara Clinic offers the Next Generation of Spider Vein Treatments

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Why We're Different:

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Alsara Clinic specializes in spider vein treatments.

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