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Varicose Vein Treatment on TCL (2012)
Laser Treatment Animation
Spider Vein Treatments
Spider Vein Treatment on TCL
Varicose vein treatment on TCL (2011)
KARE11 Today - Vein Clinic PA (2011)
Impacto Locale (español) Univision
Vein Clinic PA Patient Education
Mediven Butler Stocking Aid
VeinGogh Spider Vein Treatment (The Doctors)
Allison Kabes - I feel like a whole new person
Arlene Kabes - I've got my energy back
Connie Gable - I can finally enjoy biking again
Cy Kerber - I can enjoy fishing again
Cynthia Wilson - had my treatment over lunch time
Deborah - I sleep a lot better
Deysi Johncox - I feel like a new person
Doug Anquist - I recommend VCPA to anyone with leg discomfort
Dustin Ardolf - I can enjoy golfing with friends again
Earleen - Vein stripping is a thing of the past
Bert and Eilen - You don't have to just give up
Everett Hanson - My wife and I can dance all night long
Gloria - the heaviness feeling is totally gone
Janet Vierling - I began to feel relief almost immediately
Julie Karnes - as far as down time, there was none
Sonia Flores - Ya no tengo el dolor ni el ardor (español)
WDIO Duluth - Varicose Veins with Dr. Gupta
Next Generation Spider Vein Treatment

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